Live in the heart of Edmonton with Edmonton condos at West Block Glenora

Bringing together residences, shopping, dining and offices, West Block offers you nothing less than a new way to live. A 3.5 acre redevelopment at the western-most corner of beautiful Glenora, West Block introduces the benefits of urban living to this historic neighbourhood.


Live in luxury with luxury Edmonton condos in the Glenora district

We’re pleased to say that at West Block your days of shovelling snow and cutting grass are over. No more icy mornings scraping windshields. No more eavestrough inspections or wondering about the small crack mounting in your foundation. Living here is going to free up some of your time, which is convenient because West Block will offer many ways to spend your morning, noon, and night. It’s a lifestyle reminiscent of the traditional European square, where you do your living right where you live. But unlike most “downtown” living options, West Block suites have the room you need to live the way you’d like. With many suites in the 1,600 to 2,000 sq. ft. range, you can comfortably plan a sizable dinner party, host overnight guests or simply indulge in the spaciousness yourself.


Looking to shop or looking for the next place to open your business. Seek West Block Glenora for Downtown Edmonton retail space for lease

Whether you’re dashing out for a last minute birthday gift or spending an afternoon shopping with friends, you’ll be reminded again and again of West Block’s fabulous location. Of course, the street level retail space at West Block also means that there will be great shops just downstairs from your suite. It could be a rather short trip to pick up that essential missing ingredient, or grab a new magazine, or even disappear into a spa for an hour. A stretch of boutique shops are just 5 minutes away on 124 Street. Or continue on for 5 minutes more and find yourself right downtown.


At West Block Glenora, dine in style. Looking to open a restaurant in Downtown Edmonton? Space for lease is available!

Having somewhere to grab a coffee or a meal right in the building is wonderfully convenient. It’s also a great way to be part of the community. Bumping into neighbours at the coffee shop downstairs and mingling with the office crowd at lunch inspires a connection to a place where everybody will end up knowing your name. Maybe you’ll also become a regular at a place or two on 124 Street – it’s just 5 minutes away. And with such a short trip to downtown, your dining and entertainment options are endless.


Life is easier with professional office space in Downtown Edmonton at West Block Glenora

Once you’re living in West Block, life would be even easier if you located your office here too. The convenient location in the heart of Glenora means that downtown is just a stone’s throw away, and soon even simpler to access with the planned LRT stop at its doorstep, which will make commuting for your staff even easier.


Looking for new condo developments in Downtown Edmonton? Seek West Block Glenora

Glenora is a well-established, prestigious residential area that’s close to so much of what makes Edmonton great. It’s undeniably a fantastic place to live. The River Valley, golf courses and many more community facilities are all centrally located, making everything you could ever want right at your fingertips.

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A place for every exquisite thing, and every exquisite thing in its place.

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